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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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-- now to the tragedy in boston. we're learning more about the three people killed in the bombings. they have been identified at 8- year-old martin richards, 28- year-old crystal campbell. and we just learned the third person was a grad student at boston university. the chinese consulate in new york has confirmed the woman was a chinese citizen but is not releasing her name. we have continuing coverage tonight. ktvu crews have spent the day looking into the bay area's readiness for an act of terror. as well as looking into new clues that the fbi is uncovering in boston. we begin with john sasaki where he just spoke to the father of an 11-year-old hurt. >> reporter: i'm out here where they're having a fundraiser for the hern family. i spoke to his father and he tells me how 11-year-old aaron
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hern is doing after the injuries. he was waiting near the finish line with his father and sister when the bomb went off and he suffered a bomb injury. aaron is a sixth grader at martinez junior high school where flags are flying at half staff. the students and staff are doing what they can to help a family. in one class they're raising donations putting them in a jar. the entire family is well known in this martinez community. aaron's father attended the high school where he is now a teacher and aaron's mother also teaches there. students signed cards for aaron. and his father told me by phone that his son should make a full recovery. >> i am still angry. but when he's on the ground and he has debris on him, it's not something that you expect. it's like being in a war zone, a combat zone. and he's 11 years old and there's a kid next to him
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that's eight, he's down on the ground and he doesn't look good. >> they did the preliminary clean up where the shrapnel hit him. he had debris that gave him abrasions. they did that kind of work and today they're kind of stabilizing him. >> reporter: erin could return after another surgery tomorrow. this city will give him a heros welcome you can bet. that's around his 12th birthday which falls on may 1st. many bay area runners who participated in the marathon are still in boston tonight. patti lee is also there she joins us live now with how they are recovering from the terror that they saw yesterday. patti. >> reporter: it's going to take some time to recover after all these runners and spectators saw the horrific incident. you can see tonight they are coming together to honor the
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dead and injured. erin hern was cheering for his mother when the bombs went off. shrapnel hit his body. >> it's as sick as i can possibly imagine to set off a bomb where there's just spectators standing around. children. >> reporter: alamo resident stan rowland had just finished the race and was just a block from the blast. he was not injured but the incident will likely leave scars that can't be seen. >> it's such a tragedy that people do this to such an amazing event. it definitely won't stop me from coming back again. i think no one is ever going to forget what we went through yesterday. >> reporter: vanessa walton and her husband are returning to northern california last night. sick of the carnage they saw. >> i saw two big explosions at the finish line and immediately called my husband hysterically and tried to get out as fast as
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possible. >> reporter: they can't wait to hug their children and recover in the safety of their oak dale home. but vanessa plans to return to boston and race again. she's not alone. >> if anything i'm more encouraged than ever to make sure i qualify and come again next year. >> all day there has been a somber mood here in boston but you can see here tonight, there are signs of a growing resolve to recover from this tragedy. and this is a note from the boston university where some of her classmates just found out one of their classmates passed away. part of recovery will come when they find the culprit
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responsible. patti lee, ktvu news. ktvu's eric rasmussen is here now with the clues they're recovering that they hope will lead them to the bomber. >> reporter: this afternoon they made another plea to the public for help, they still don't know who's responsible. a day after two bombs killed three people and injured more than 170 others. >> it was like, like a cannon you know went off. >> reporter: this was the scene at the finish line of the boston marathon. investigators in all white suits collected evidence including black nylon, bbs and nail. >> reporter: the bombs were made with pressure cookers carried in black bags. >> we're asking anyone who may have heard anyone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us.
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someone knows who did this. >> reporter: we now know the victims include a grad student from boston university and 29- year-old crystal campbell of medford just outside of campbell. >> everybody that knew her loved her. >> reporter: her mother struggled through tears when she spoke for the first time this afternoon. >> we are heartbroken at the death of our daughter. she was a wonderful -- >> reporter: 8-year-old martin richard from boston was also killed. his mother and sister were badly injured. the fbi has ruled out a 20-year- old saudi man it once considered a person of interest. and president obama conceded its not clear whether this act of terror was foreign or domestic. >> we will find out. we will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice. >> reporter: and again this afternoon, the chinese consulate in new york said that third unidentified victim from boston university is a chinese
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national. the official chinese new agency reports relatives did not want the victim's name released. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. more details on the revelation that parts of a pressure cooker were found at one of the bomb sites in boston. a source tells the associated press, it appears the explosives were packed with nails and ball bearings to inflect maximum injury. pressure cooker bombs are often used by militants in afghanistan, india and pakistan and one of those devices was also used in a failed car bombing in time square in new york back in 2010. donations are already pouring in from across the country for the victims of the boston bombings but sadly scams are also cropping up as people try to take advantage of the nationwide show of support. >> for that part of the story now we're joined byset rosenblanc. set if i want to donate what do i need to watch out for and how do i make sure my money doesn't
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end up in a scam. >> reporter: instead of trying to figure out whether a tweet or text message is a scam or legitimate i think it's probably best for people to go straight to red or call the red cross at 1-800-red- cross. >> if the charity looks suspicious, who can you turn them in to? >> you can turn them into red cross i believe. figuring out whether a charity is legit or not, i think an hour after the bombings, 20 fake websites popped up. it's easier to go directly to the source. go to red massachusetts hospital also has a website where they have donation information or go to
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>> reporter: all right, seth rosenblath thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. if you want to help click on web links on our home page. still to come, bay area runners are coming together in a show of support for the marathoners hurt and killed in boston. >> plus bay area law enforcement take a closer look at their communication readiness in the event of an act of terror. go to for the very latest video and images that we're getting in from boston. >> developing news now, some residents in the south bay are being urged to conserve energy after police say someone sabotaged a phone distribution center. and john fowler is live in santa clara county, john fowler has the story now. >> reporter: police say they are looking for someone with
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the technology knowledge. 1:26a.m. someone cut fiberoptic cables. first knocking out several 911 dispatch systems including gilroy's emergency police line which is still now. a moment later another cable cut sent phone and data systems down. >> they knew where to go for the fiberoptic, they knew where to cut. they also were able to take out very critical parts of the pg & e substation. >> reporter: the attacker used a high powered rifle, 30 to 40 shots. severely damaging five transmission banks at the sub station. pg & e said no one lost power. but they're asking the south bay to conserve power at least through midnight tonight as a precaution. reporting live in santa clara
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county, john fowler. more sunshine and even warmerweather. i'll detail how high temperatures will climb. >> what goes on where your food is prepared. the app that will help you uncover your favorite restaurant's dirty little secret. is the bombing in boston a wake up call for the bay area. >> if a natural disaster or terrorist attack happened here in the bay area. are the cities preparedded? i'll tell you the first reresponders plan to keep the lines of communication open -- first responders plan to keep the lines of communication open.
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in campbell this afternoon about a dozen people took part in a run dedicated to the victims of the boston marathon bombings. the informal run was organized by the manager of sports basement at the prune yard shopping center who said a number of his customers had qualified to run in the boston
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marathon. in dorchester massachusetts, mourners are attending a candlelight vigil for the victims of yesterday's marathon bombings. this is one of several vigils expected to happen in the next several days. president obama is also expected to attend a memorial at the cathedral of the holy heart on tuesday. he is not aware of any threats here but he is asking the public to be vigilant and for people to be aware of their surroundings. we are told security officials at the state capital are also on heightened alert because of the bombings. those two bombings in boston have become a wake up call for first responders here in the bay area. paul chambers live with what first responders are preparing for. >> reporter: city officials in oakland and all across the country have worked to allow
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for first responders to communicate in case of a disaster. bay area officials say they are prepared, thanks in part to the urban area security official. >> the uasi has provided training for us to be able to do the kinds of things you are seeing in boston. >> reporter: it allows all cities in contra costa and alameda county to communicate on the same system. with the exception of oakland and piedmont. but if need be those cities will also be brought into the fold. >> we've already connected our system to the b.a.r.t. underground system. so if our first responders go into the tunnels they can respond with oakland. >> to have resources come into this county, they can tell them what conventional channels to use when they come here. >> reporter: in this first
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responders training the east bay communication system works successfully but those from san francisco, san mateo and marin county. allowing all of the first responders to talk to one another. but if they're not on that county system there's no need to worry. >> if there are agencies coming in that don't have that capability that can provide them radius so they can have that capability. >> we have a special section dedicated to our continuing coverage of the bombings in boston. you will find a slide show of the moving images from the day and also updated information on the ongoing investigation. democrats in the state senate are moving forward now with plans to implement the theories of new gun control in california. included in the seven bills which had an initial committee hearing, the legislation would also make it illegal to possess magazines that hold more than ten bullets. that would apply to both future sales and current gun owners. >> that purpose is to do
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everything we can to lessen the carnage on our streets, in our neighborhoods that is the daily result of gun violence. >> the package that they are putting forward will not make the residents of california any safer. it's not going to do anything to decrease crime and it's not going to be good public policy. >> reporter: democrats are vowing to use their 2/3 majority in both the assembly and the senate to pass the bills. governor brown has not said if he will sign them. state officials are investigating a workplace accident that killed a worker in bay point. calosha the state agency that deals with safety says that a worker was crushed yesterday. investigators say the man was employed by the company based in tennessee and was working at henkel on a temporary basis. san francisco today celebrated the second anniversary of its community courts program. >> having two people a victim, an offender come in and sit
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down and really kind of learn about each other. it's been very wholistic. >> it's been great to give back to my community and improve life there. >> there's a waiting list for people who want to help their communities address crime and give offenders a chance to avoid a criminal record. >> out there today, a beautiful day. good visibility. clear air. and you can see the bay bridge. the wind really cleans up the atmosphere. the bay has a little browner water as the sediments get stirred up. you can see what's happening up around the lake tahoe area. we have some activity. we have reports of snow
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flurries at 80 and 50 at times. on the west slope of the sierra nevada, they have a cool weather pattern that's sticking around. for them that's how it goes. at least for the next 12 hours we started to warm up today. the winds have died down. it's still breezy out there. 28 at san francisco airport, half-moon bay at 20 miles per hour. so still pretty windy. the winds are sort of the story. they've been ramped up. now they're ramping down and now we're going to warm up because there'll be less wind tomorrow. you will notice it right away. tomorrow's temperatures five to 10 degrees warmer than they were today. current temperatures mid-60s for the most part. the story is going to be how chilly it's going to be tomorrow morning. there's no frost advisories or frost warnings. we've had some reports of frost in the north and east bay. i think tomorrow morning it'll be a similar deal. just means when you get going tomorrow or the kids get going to school it's probably going to be jacket time. 37 in santa rosa. you go into the rincon valley or san helena area you will
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find 33s, maybe everyone 32s if you look hard. for the most part that's the temperature. chilly tomorrow morning as you go. right now the wind are not as strong. high pressure sets up. and the temperatures go up. that is the trend. with high pressure firmly accomplished, we're not going to get wet around here we're just going to get a little warmer as we head into the bay area weekend. we will start to see some low and maybe even some low 80s. so these are warmer than they were today by a few degrees right. 73 in livermore. still not hot. a very pleasant day. tree pollens are still trending high in the santa clara valley that's where some of the worse pollen issues are. 73 in gilroy. then along the coast you've got breezy conditions right now. and there's a lot of blowing sand out along the great highway. great highway, i should check, i don't know if it's open but i will check that for the 10:00 news. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, there it is. no rain. just warmer. really spring like weather pattern with mid-80s by the
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week. it's going to be nice. >> you can't ask for more than that. it's going to be nice. thanks bill. >> thanks bill. amazon now holds 22% of the market more than double its share from 2009. research firms the mpd group says amazon benefits from its rip program. continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings and the aftermath. >> people returned to the bay area from boston today what they say homeland security officials were asking them at the airport. and see what may soon be a lot easier to hail a taxi cab in san francisco. we hope you will join us at 7:00 on tv 36. the key information you can now get right in the palm of your hand.
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people who like to eat out in contra costa county can now see restaurant inspection results right on your cell phone. the county environmental health division released the free app.
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users can search 4,200 rest ra√°pbts and cafes. officials hope the information will give restaurant owners more incentives to practice safe food handling. giants are having a little trouble right now. >> opening up a three game sere reus with the milwaukee -- game series with the milwaukee and bad barry. niners are trailing in the third inning. meantime talk a little something positive in regard with bay area baseball. that would be the oakland a's. never heard sam houston around. seeing they whipped three straight. how about jeb lawry. had four rbis as a matter of fact. he's happy with his start and the team's. but he knows you can't make too
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much of games at the start of the season. >> you have to continue the same mind set and know that over the course of the season you're going to be where you want to be. >> it does feel good. you always want to come out of the gates hot and win some baseball games early. the adage is you can't win the division in april but you can lose it. so obviously you want to come out and win some baseball games and really it's, the team we have. we show up to play and we're ready to go from day one. >> a's will play houston again. meantime one of the great voices in all of sports broadcasting history. pat sum era ll has passed away. just hearing his voice was magic for all football fans over the years and he broadcast 16 super bowls just to mention one of his great accomplishments. he's passed away at the age of 82. no details were given. he teamed of course with the great john madden for 21 years.
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and so the best football broadcasting informative as well as entertainment you will ever see. pat summ era ll dead at the age of 82. >> they were a great team. >> a long time, thank you. a fundraiser is under way to help the family of a boy from martinez injured in the boston bombings. ktvu has a crew there talking to friends and community members moved but the tragedy. complete coverage coming up tonight on the channel 2 news. >> and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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